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Single Handle Tap Repair

One of the most common reasons why a tap leaks is because its washer has become so worn out. A licensed, experienced, and well-equipped plumber can sort this problem out for you if you do not have enough time, resources, and the skills to fix this problem yourself. Otherwise, you can follow the steps given below.

1. The first thing you need to do is to block the shower drain so that small parts such as nuts, screws, and rings do not flow away. Then get a towel or pieces of paper and cover the flooring and drain with them. A tap will usually have a metal or plastic faceplate which has to be taken out. You can pop this off using a screwdriver or knife.

2. Once you have taken the faceplate out, you can see a tiny screw. Take this screw out gently and set it aside in a place where it can easily be seen, since this will be needed later. Disassemble the escutcheon or the face plate that is around the plumbing fixture by popping it away from the wall.

3. Obtain a pair of pliers, and then find a pin or nut that is securing the cartridge. With the use of a pair of pliers, remove it by popping the pin off or turning the nut and keeping each small part aside. Carefully pull out the cartridge from the wall to prevent all sorts of damage.

4. Try to see if the cartridge has mildew or is damaged. Consider placing the cartridge under an open tap. If the damage can no longer be reversed in any way, the whole unit may need to be replaced. Otherwise, you just have to take out the rubber O-ring and replace it with another one. This will most likely fix the leak.

5. Finish things off by putting everything back together, starting with the last thing you took out. While you do this, clean the tap up to free it of any grime, dirt, and mildew. Once the unit has been reassembled, switch on the hot and cold water taps to test it for leaks.

The steps stated above may differ depending on the tap you have, but in essence, the method for fixing all single-handed taps is the same. For example, if the tap is a disc tap, the cap that is covering the cartridge may have to be unscrewed. Take out the screws, and you can find a number of seals located at the bottom. Take these out and have them replaced with new ones.