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Tips to fix a leaky sink strainer basket

Repairing a leaky drain basket is really more complex than repairing sink pipes. Generally the common cause of the leakage is a loose pipe link. This issue can be solved by tightening the nut that keeps the pipe joints or through winding up the tape on the connection. Remove the nuts that link the sink plumbing with the strainer availing slip joint pliers. Remove the nuts that link the pipe and trap leading to the drain. Detach the basket and shut in from the sink plumbing for receiving clearer sight. Remove the rubber washer and the cardboard washer from the basket through loosening the big nut that secures the washers.


Avail a rubber mallet or other complex, but a disparaging tool that eliminates the plumber’s putty that seals the basket and the sink together. Rub the balance putty residue on the sinkhole with a knife. After the drain basket project has been eliminated, you must verify it proper for rust and other damages. Mostly leakages are created by the water running out of the cracks in the putty seal. If this is the cause of the issue, just put the drain back to the location and seal the parts effectively with the putty. But if the extension is cracked, rusted, or damaged, replace it with a fresh one; continue the similar procedure to place the parts back efficiently. To make stronger the connection of the drain, use a thin rope of putty beneath the basket extension.


This method is enough for PVC pipes for avoiding extra leakages. But if the sink drain avail metal pipes, tape used on to the drain link will assist to strengthen the joints. Keep the basket back into the right place. For safe fitting, you can ask one of your family members to keep the sink in proper place when you connect the plumbing. Keep in mind to put the cardboard washer and the rubber washer back that you eliminated already. If you avail new drain basket to restore the damaged one, avail the new rubber washer that arrives with it. Keep all the nuts back to the real positions and ensure all of them are placed tightly and perfectly. Prior cleaning up, ensure there are no leakages in the basket or pipe connection. You should be able to get a good quality sink basket strainer with a strong finish and a reliable mechanism. The perfect strainers contain spin lock or a twist and drop model stopper.


The spin lock does not contain any parts, but screwing it in and out can be worrying. The change and drop model is better to avail but needs rare o ring replacement. Prevent push in style strainers that contain a non-replaceable stopper or a plastic handle. The plastic parts damage and can lose the sealing capability when exposed to boiling water. Sink strainers also known as sink strainer baskets or basket drains are plumbing parts. But it is possible for this to malfunction in the course of time. If it malfunctions, after it has been placed, the issue is generally with the installation itself. So check it properly before you go for repairing option.