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Experiencing a plumbing emergency? Don’t panic and contact a local plumber as soon as possible. At Plumber Wooloomooloo, we guarantee to respond to your concerns within an hour anywhere in Wooloomooloo. Our emergency plumbers are highly skilled and well-equipped to handle all types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Blocked drains

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  • Leaks or burst pipes

For a rapid and guaranteed solution to all your plumbing and drainage problems, call us now. Our extensive network of locally based registered plumbers are fully qualified and all work is guaranteed.

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Plumbing Emergency in Woolloomooloo

The smell of gas had been bothering Alex for days. He kept getting whiffs of it, but not enough to figure out where it was coming from. It wasn’t until he came home after a weekend away, opening up his locked house to the pervading smell of gas, that he was finally able to narrow the smell down to a room. He looked up a local plumber in Woolloomooloo who could work with gas and called.

The Neighbourhood Plumber arrived the same day to investigate the gas smell in Alex’s home. The smell was definitely strongest in the lounge room where an old gas heater sat in the corner. The Woolloomooloo Plumber tested the hose on the old heater, but found it to be intact. Next he tested the gas bayonet in the floor. He quickly found that this was the source of the problem. After shutting off the gas supply to the house, the Plumber got to work removing the old, damaged gas bayonet. He set it aside and installed the new one. Once done, he tested his work and found that the leak was gone. To be sure that it wasn’t the only cause, the Plumber checked the rest of the gas bayonets through the house. Apart from the kitchen (which had been renovated two years ago), the remaining three gas bayonets were old, but still in good condition. The local Neighbourhood Plumber also found an outdoor tap that was dribbling, despite the fact that Alex had squeezed it off as tightly as possible. He changed it with Alex’s permission, tidied up his worksites and packed up his tools, satisfied the gas leak had been resolved.

If you have a Plumbing Emergency, call your Neighbourhood Plumber today on 0402 066 743!. Whether it’s a burst hot water system, a gas leak, or blocked drains, your local Woolloomooloo Plumber can help!

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