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Assessing and Fixing a Brass Shut-off Valve

A brass shut-off valve, also called a brass plumbing valve, is usually soldered into the main water line of a property. Thus, when it is switched off, they prevent water from getting into different plumbing fixtures in a property. As time passes, the packing nut can become loose, causing leaks. The packing washer will also become old and will have to be replaced. Assessing and fixing the valve are things you can do that require only little time.

Here’s how to do them:

1. Have an adjustable wrench placed around the packing nut of the valve. Tighten it by turning the wrench clockwise until the leak stops. If water still leaks out no matter how much you tighten the nut, have the packing washer replaced as soon as possible.

2. Switch off the city valve. Then take out the handle or lever of the valve by taking out the central screw. Have the business end of the wrench placed on the packing nut, then loosen it, and then take it out once it is loose enough. Loosening the nut requires turning the wrench counter-clockwise (to the left).

3. With your hands, pull the packing washer out. You can find this part of the valve under the nut. Once you have done this, place a new packing washer and then tighten it.

4. Put the handle/lever back, and then tighten its screw.

5. Switch on the city valve by turning its lever until it is open. Then check the valve once you have done this. If water leaks out of the valve, tighten the nut until the leaking stops.

It is recommended that you do the above processes on a regular basis, making sure that you use the right equipment and wear the correct safety gear when doing so. Also, ensure that you tighten the packing nut even if the valve is not leaky.

If you do not have the equipment and safety gear required for the task, make sure to contact a skilled, reliable, and licensed plumber instead. Not only do they have the skills and equipment needed, they can also do the task in just one sitting and in only a relatively short time. To find a plumber, you can check the Internet or the Yellow Pages, and once you have gathered a few names, you can start asking them about what they can offer and if they have the required licenses and insurance.