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Hot Water Services in Woolloomooloo

There was too much light in the room. Isaac sat up quickly, grabbing his phone to check the time. His alarm had gone off, but he hadn’t woken up. He was now an hour late. He jumped out of bed and raced into the bathroom, throwing on the hot and cold water as he jumped out of his Pjs and into the shower. He jumped out almost as quickly, frantically turning off the cold water so the shower could heat up. Only, the water dropped to a trickle (despite the hot tap being on full ball), and it was cold. Isaac looked at the clock, looked at the shower, and decided to deal with the issue later.

The Woolloomooloo Plumber arrived as Isaac got home, the truck pulling up out the front of the unit complex as Isaac was opening the front door. They greeted each other as Isaac let him in, explaining the problem as they trudged up the stairs together to the unit. The Plumber tested the tap while Isaac quickly got rid of his work bag and flicked the kettle on. He returned and discussed the issue with the Neighbourhood Plumber. Fortunately there was nothing wrong with the hot water. It was the tap itself that was causing the problem. The Woolloomooloo Plumber pulled apart the hot tap and showed Isaac the aged components inside. He swapped them out for new parts, and did the same to the cold tap to ensure the same thing wouldn’t happen. The Plumber then had Isaac test the taps once he’d stepped out of the shower cubicle. Isaac twisted the hot tap. Water streamed from the shower rose and quickly began heating. The flow and temperature was back to what it had been only yesterday! He gave the Plumber his heartfelt thanks, delighted at the good end of a stressful day.

Do you have a problem with your hot water? Whether it’s your hot water tank, or the flow of hot water to your taps, your local Neighbourhood Woolloomooloo Plumber can help! Call now on 0402 066 743!

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