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Tap Not Turns Off

Plumbing issues are quite frequent and the issue of the tap not turning off at home or on any premises where water is in use is not uncommon. The worst things one can do are panic and try to fix the problem in haste. Such reactions lead to half fixed leaks or even worse a tap that is completely ruined. In the end a good professional plumber is needed not unless the homeowner is good at plumbing and minor fixtures. One should be familiar with the location of the main stopcock and turn it off in the clockwise direction.


Doing this ceases any flow of cold water and if there is any water flowing, then it means the stopcock is not of good standard. One can also use grips in turning off the stopcock though this mostly leads to flooding and a plumber is normally armed for the job with all the needed tools. Any tap has its isolation valve which is normally found under the sink and this requires a screwdriver to turn off. Some taps lack isolation valves and in such cases, one has no option but to turn off the stop valve which is mostly located on the outside premises.


Tap cases can be frustrating and especially when they start at odd times of the day or night. In severe situations sleep becomes impossible and especially where flooding is concerned. Having a few plumbing skills and handy tools can go a long way for that moment one will need them. A running tap for a period of an hour can seem like days on end. A tap not turning off is best left alone to avoid making it worse and professional help should be sought after the above techniques have been put in place and they failed.