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Plumber Woolloomooloo Pipe Relining

There are several reasons why sewage pipes become blocked, cracked or broken. Among the common ones are:

    ● Old age. Natural wear and tear can take a toll on sewage pipes regardless of the material.
    ● Root intrusion. Tree roots can grow thrice as long as the tree itself which can intrude the pipes and cause blockage.
    ● Earth movement. When there are works around or if the house is near an active plate, earth movements can cause the pipes to move.

Here are some questions you need to answer to help you determine if your sewer pipes are blocked:

    ● Do you find it hard to drain water in your bath?
    ● Do you hear gurgling or bubbling sounds when using the toilet?
    ● Does the water rise up when you use the toilet?
    ● Have you noticed wastewater overflowing in your sewer gully?

Any of these signs is an urgent call for professional help. We will help you find solution to these problems. A relatively new method that you can opt for is the increasingly popular method of pipe repair called pipe relining.

Pipe Relining as an Option

Pipe relining is a pipe repair method that has been around for the last three decades. This is a trenchless pipe repair process that involves fitting a smaller diameter pipe into the damaged one. It may be used for pipes as small as four inches in diameter to ones as high as five feet.

The Process of Pipe Relining

I. Prepping the Pipes

A. Sewer pipes are assessed using a CCTV drain camera. Hydro-jet cleaning may be performed for better viewing. You will be allowed to view the video footage to help you understand the cause of sewer problems. Video inspection will also help in determining whether pipe relining is suitable for the job.

B. Following inspection, the affected pipe will be cleaned thoroughly using a hydro-jet cleaning machine. This will promote enhanced bonding between the lining material and the host pipe.

II. Installing the Liner

A. A lining material made of polyester and fibreglass cloth will be inserted into the host pipe with the aid of a machine called an inverter. The liner will bond to the host pipe using air pressure.

B. The liner will be allowed to cure for a couple of hours. Hot water or steam will be used for larger pipes.

III. Quality Control

A. Once the installation is done, video inspection will be conducted again for quality control purposes.

Testing may also be performed.

Why Pipe Relining is Better

Pipe relining is still a new process but those who have tried would no doubt attest to the countless benefits that they encountered from it, such as the following:

    ● Convenience. Pipe relining does not involve excavation, therefore the process will be less damaging to the property.

    ● Cost-effectiveness. The cost of pipe relining is a lot less than pipe replacement. There is less work and less material involved so obviously, you save more.

    ● Quicker work. Unlike pipe replacement that can take a long time to finish, pipe relining can be done in a matter of hours. The sewage system can be used as soon as the new lining is cleared for use.

    ● Reliability. The resin is made of material that is can survive for a long time. It is expected to remain resistant to an array of environmental factors at least fifty years.

If you believe that your sewage pipes need some TLC, do not hesitate to talk to us. We are more than happy to answer your pipe relining questions. Call us now on 0402 066 743.